Membership Offers

SIGN UP ONLINE! When you sign up for a Standard Membership you can add more family members. You may choose from two offers: The first Family Add member can sign up for $12.00 a month,  the second/third for $9.00 a month. You may also sign up for Kids Room at the same time. Follow the Instructions in the Signup Wizard.

Create a username & password when you sign up to use the Access Pass Phone App & the online Member Portal!

3 Month Membership
+ Training Special


• 3 month Standard Gym Membership $70 + Maintenance Fee $45 + $prorate  
• 24 Personal Training Sessions $720

• 3 Inbody Scans $60 •1 Nutrition Plan $100
Special membership lasts three months. At that time the member reverts to a Standard Month to Month Membership at $15* per month with an Annual Fee of $29.00* charged once each year. There will be a prorated amount billed today for the number of days between the end of the third month and the first billing on the 15th of the fourth month.
Call for questions (253) 927-7717  *Plus 9.9% WA State Tax


North Hill Standard Membership

$15.00 per month membership fee

$39.00 Enrollment Fee

$15.00 Last Month Fee

$29.00 Annual Fee

• Prorated First Month Fee

• Add Family Members Option


Free Trial Guest Pass

• Three Day Free Pass
Call for questions (253) 927-7717



Kids Room

$15.00 per month for first child

$12.00 per month for second child

$9.00 per month for third child

Kids Room may be purchased at the time of membership purchase or later through the Member Portal.

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