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North Hill Fitness — Personal Trainers

If you choose to work with a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals,

the trainers at North Hill Fitness can provide you with one-on-one instruction,

goal specific program designs and exciting new workout trends!


5 year training as an athlete in versus sports.

4 years competitive bodybuilding experience.

Specializes in body recomposition, strength and hypertrophy  training with an emphasis on lifting heavy and progressive overload.

Learned from some of the best in the business to help develop programing in assisting other in achieving their goals in a safe, effective way.

Passionate about all things health\ fitness related and passing that ever growing knowledge on to others.


"Whether you are involved in high-intensity sports or enjoy a leisurely walk, you deserve an exercise program that fits your needs and goals. Let me help you develop a cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility routine so you can achieve optimum physical fitness."


  • ACE Certified since 2002.

  • Over 24 years of Physical Therapy experience creating programs for a large variety of injuries and conditions.

Schedule your session now with one of our trainers!
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